About Red cART Studio Inc.

Red cART Studio Inc. is a nonprofit community art service organization that includes the Red cART Online Campus. The Red cART is dedicated to bringing quality community art classes, art demonstrations and other art services, at affordable prices, to everyone in the United States and abroad. We currently offer more than 20 online and face-to-face classes and, as we plan to grow substantially over the next 10 years, we include a wide variety of high school level, college level and professional certificate programs in a variety of art disciplines.

Red cART’s Philosophy

The Red cART is dedicated to the idea that everyone needs connections and ART makes that happen. Looking at Art and creating Art in a community environment connects us to each other through mind, body and soul. We believe that ART & Community can help build healthier more connected individuals.

Exceptional Curricula & Faculty

Red cART’s courses are all developed by credentialed faculty who have extensive professional art experience, as well as online teaching & course development experience.The approach to online learning combines the most effective elements of a strong art foundation with the flexibility of an online learning environment.