Quarterly Meeting Goals and Directions

Red cART Board of Director’s Quarterly Meeting Goals and Directions:

What is the purpose of the Red cART board?

The purpose of the board is to do governance, the process carried out by a group of people to ensure the health and effectiveness of the corporation. The board does governance at its meetings.

What are the elements of governance, the processes of ensuring the health and effectiveness of the corporation?

  1. Defining Red cART values,
  2. Defining Red cART mission,
  3. Defining Red cART vision,
  4. Defining the overall direction of Red cART
          – and adhering to same.

 Defining Red cART’s rules of governance,

  1. Red cART bylaws,
  2. Red cART policies,
  3. Red cART recruitment and
  4. Red cART election of board members.
  5. Defining the performance expectations of the Red cART board members.
  6. Hiring, appraising, and setting compensation for the Executive Director.

Red cART board meetings Agendas:

  1. All reports are due one month before quarterly meetings. Reports will be posted online, in a private password protected area of the Red cART website. Reports will not be reviewed during meetings. A particular report will be reviewed only if important conversation. All adequate background information will be provided to the board members in advance of the meeting so that people come prepared.
  2. Red cART Board meetings are for strategic conversation about important items.
  3. The board may talk about information provided by staff. And it’s up to the staff to put together the right information, to explain trends and their potential implications.
  4. Sometimes the Red cART board will make decisions.
  5. Sometimes the Red cART board members will learn and explore through conversation, preparing to make decisions in the future.
  6. Red cART board members are encouraged to ask strategic questions, even cage-rattling questions.

The Red cART Board of Director’s quarterly meeting agenda will based on what is most important to the organization at this time. The goal is to:

  1. Handle routine matters quickly.
  2. Put the most important items at the top of the agenda.
  3. The board members come to the meetings prepared.

The Red cART expects/insist – that all board members come prepared, with their materials in hand. Board members should read the material in advance of the meeting, making notes, highlighting key items, whatever. Advance preparation – by staff and board members – is essential for effective meetings.

NOTE: In Red cART board meetings will never discuss management issues.