Board of Directors

List of Our Current Board of Directors:

  1. Noelia Delgado Goss, Director
  2. Deborah Baxtrom, Director
  3. Sara Wade, Director
  4. Stephen Guynup, Director
  5. Renata Ballo, Director
  6. Jamie Krulick, Director
  7. Kim Male, Director and Secretary of the 
  8. Alexandria Pettit, Director and Director of IT
  9. JoAnna Almasude, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director

Terminology that guides Red cART Studio’s current board structure:

Director – a person appointed to serve on the board of an organization, such as an institution or business.

Inside director – a director who, in addition to serving on the board, has a meaningful connection to the organization

Outside director – a director who, other than serving on the board, has no meaningful connections to the organization

Executive director – an inside director who is also an executive with the organization. The term is also used, in a completely different sense, to refer to a CEO

Non-executive director – a director who is not an executive with the organization

Shadow or de facto director – an individual who is not a named director but who nevertheless directs or controls the organization.

Nominee director – an individual who is appointed by a shareholder, creditor or interest group (whether contractually or by resolution at a company meeting) and who has a continuing loyalty to the appointor/s or other interest in the appointing company

Interesting info: Individual directors often serve on more than one board. This practice results in an interlocking directorate, where a relatively small number of individuals have significant influence over a large number of important entities. This situation can have important corporate, social, economic, and legal consequences, and has been the subject of significant research.